About Us

In 2015, after several million investment in Georgia first time began production of HDPE double wall corrugated pipes. It was installed high-quality equipment, which allows a diameter of 75-500 SN4 and SN8 HDPE corrugated pipes.

In the case of 70% loading capacity of equipment daily production is:

100 mm5,000.00Meter/Per Day150,000Meter/In Month
150 mm5,000.00Meter/Per Day150,000Meter/In Month
200 mm3,600.00Meter/Per Day108,000Meter/In Month
250 mm3,600.00Meter/Per Day108,000Meter/In Month
300 mm3,000.00Meter/Per Day90,000Meter/In Month
400 mm1,920.00Meter/Per Day57,600Meter/In Month
500 mm1,440.00Meter/Per Day43,200Meter/In Month



Our representation in Azerbaijan: